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浙江快乐彩12选5走势:Caring for the Community


浙江快乐彩几点开奖 Through staff volunteering, partnerships with social service agencies and a range of other charitable initiatives, we aim to be a supportive and forward-looking participant in the communities where we operate.

We are proud of the efforts and compassion shown by our teams in the Mainland and Hong Kong in serving meaningful social causes. During the year, our teams in Hong Kong took part in charity walks and flag days in support of conservation, life-support services, special child care, refugee children and aspiring air cadets.

For example, the volunteer team from the Mid-Levels properties helped prepare meal boxes at Food Angel’s kitchen. MegaBox volunteers also expressed their care for the elderly through home visits organised by Hong Kong Children & Youth Services. In the Mainland, staff volunteers from Shenzhen spent a memorable day with senior citizens in a nursing home and our Ningbo team learned to make glutinous rice dumplings for those in an elderly facility.

Opportunities for Young People and the Underprivileged

The Group continued to support the joint effort of the Labour Department and Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (“HKFYG”) to provide training and work opportunities via a “Customer Services Trainee Programme” for associate degree students. During the 6-month programme, these young customer service trainees were able to gain experience during the handover of units at Mantin Heights and by rotating between different posts at other properties. Trainees who performed well were offered permanent posts upon completion of the programme.

During the summer of 2017, the Group partnered with the Hong Kong Coalition of Professional Services to provide internship opportunities for four Form 5 students from Yuen Long District. These interns were assigned for two-week placements with Kerry Property Management Services Limited (“KPMSL”). Their internship was the first working experience in property services for these young students who had demonstrated a diligent work attitude.

The Group and Hong Chi Association are longstanding partners in the care of persons with intellectual disabilities. In addition to engaging the lettershopping services of the association, our staff also organised classes to teach Hong Chi students magic skills that help in cultivating their confidence. Other programmes for the underprivileged included in-mall tours organised by MegaBox the whole year round for various community groups.

In April 2017 our staff at Hangzhou Kerry Centre, Castalia Court and Parkview Residence invited local students with disabilities to the piazza garden to gain first-hand experience in gardening as part of their landscaping studies. The Hangzhou team also sent social ambassadors to visit the secondary school students we have been supporting in poverty-stricken Xiushui Village.

Community Health and Knowledge Sharing

“Kerry On” is a community initiative launched initially at Jing An Kerry Centre and Kerry Parkside in Shanghai. It aims to build a network of likeminded people, bringing them together to develop healthy living habits and enjoy a range of fitness, hiking, parent-child, art and healthy dining activities. “Kerry On” welcomes participation from all residents, shoppers, office workers and other users of these two mixed-use properties. In the spirit of togetherness, tenants are also invited to collaborate in organising activities for the community.

Other health-related activities included a sleep quality measurement exercise organised by Beijing Kerry Centre, echoing the call of “World Sleep Day 2017”, and climbing Shenzhen Kerry Centre, Shenyang Kerry Centre and Enterprise Square for exercise and relaxation, as well as Yoga classes and health talks hosted by Kerry Residence. Hiking contests with tenants were also arranged by Kerry Everbright City.

Our Mainland properties also promoted healthy living through a number of tournaments, such as table tennis, bowling and badminton matches for the tenants and residents.

On other occasions, we helped to inform people from different communities through a series of seminars on legal and financial planning held in Shenzhen and Shanghai during the year.

Donations and Sponsorships

Helping Social Groups Fundraise

With the help of creative ideas fundraising can be a lot of fun. We are delighted to have collaborated with different social agencies in coming up with interesting fundraising events to solicit donations from the public and our tenants, while creating happy and memorable moments for them.

During the year, MegaBox staged a number of exciting events while raising funds for various worthy charitable causes for needy children and families. These fundraising events have incorporated games with giant inflatable figures, capsule machines, cartoon-themed photo booths, a concert with a flash mob activity, and charity sales.

Our teams in over 10 Mainland cities helped raise funds for One Foundation among residents and commercial tenants of our managed portfolio. Each donor would receive our 2018 corporate calendar, with smart green ideas featured, as a thank-you souvenir. Shenyang Arcadia Court partnered with Shangri-La Hotel, Shenyang and Mobike in a fundraising-on-the-bike ride. Our colleagues at Habitat in Qinhuangdao, also joining hands with Shangri-La Hotel, initiated a charity run to raise funds for the benefit of autistic children.

Beijing Kerry Centre took the opportunity of its Halloween activity to help sell postcards in support of an art programme for people with disabilities. Kerry Parkside, on the other hand, blended dragon and lion dances with the donation of red packets by tenants to children suffering from genetic disorders.

Corporate Donations and Staff Participation

The Group continues to encourage and support staff member participation in fundraising activities. In January 2017, the Group sponsored colleagues to enter the “24th Green Power Hike” and the “2017 Community Chest Corporate Challenge” marathon. More than 100 colleagues participated respectively in the Community Chest’s “Skip Lunch Day” and “Dress Casual Day”, while others formed a team to take part in the “Green WALK Hong Kong” challenge.

More than 100 colleagues donated to the Community Chest’s “Employee Contribution Programme” and “Green Day 2017”. The Group also gave donations to support the “Heart-to-Heart Charity Walk”, “Love Teeth Day” and “HKFYG a cappella Music Dinner”. Meanwhile, Mega Ice spread warmth by sponsoring the “English Schools Foundation 50th Anniversary Marathon”, which was organised to promote public awareness of caring and supporting children with special needs.

An appreciation party for the elderly and their carers reflected the combined contributions of our Group as a sponsor with our staff as volunteers for distributing souvenirs during the event. The party was a caring initiative driven by the Social Welfare Department.

In-kind Donations and Venue Sponsorship

The Group makes use of its own resources, including venues, the properties it manages and its network of landlords and tenants, as well as staff teams, to contribute to society. One such event was the six blood donation days staged during the year at several properties in Hong Kong. Both colleagues and tenants responded to the call to give blood.

During the year, our colleagues and property occupants in the Mainland and Hong Kong also donated eyeglasses, books and stationery, schoolbags, infant formula milk powder, baby products, projectors and mooncakes to those in need. The Group donated prizes for the raffle ticket sales by the Hong Chi Association, while MegaBox donated club memberships in support of a carnival to promote a more inclusive society.

Our venues were put into good use by welfare groups such as Hong Chi Association for their charity sales of mooncakes, RunOurCity Foundation for the kick-off ceremony of their marathon event, a charity auction to support the “Hong Kong International Literary Festival”, and the exhibition and charity sale of porcelain works to benefit the Child and Family Bereavement Center, as well as the placing of a donation collection box to fundraise for Haven of Hope Christian Service.

All in a Good Cause

Kerry Group Kuok Foundation and Jigsaw are charitable entities established by our parent company. The foundation’s goal is to change lives by cultivating advancement through opportunity for all, and both entities focus on addressing issues related to poverty. Our various business units and staff teams are delighted to be a part of their philanthropic initiatives.

The “Big Buddy Programme” continued to motivate staff members to help children of migrant workers in the Mainland. Our Beijing Kerry Centre team helped stage a city experience activity for migrant children, while The Metropolis-Arcadia Court in Chengdu organised its team to take part in a series of interactions with migrant children as their growth buddies.

Jigsaw is dedicated to cultivating social mobility and inclusion through engaging less privileged families by empowering youth through mentorship and basketball buddy programmes, as well as paying home visits and offering home cleaning for the elderly. Our colleagues in Hong Kong have actively participated in these activities.

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