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浙江快乐彩11选5开奖结果查询今天:Caring for Our People

A Healthy Workplace and Work-life Balance

浙江快乐彩几点开奖 We value our team members, develop and synergise their talents to form an integrated team, and respect them as unique individuals who have personal aspirations and family responsibilities.

Health and Safety

The good health of our employees, the general public and those who may come into contact with our business units’ activities, is a key management responsibility. To achieve this goal, a Corporate Safety & Health Policy Statement has been adopted by Kerry Property Management Services Limited (“KPMSL”) for its property management operations. To comply with this policy statement, health and safety objectives and targets are set every year.

We work to ensure that all statutory and contractual obligations in respect of health and safety are vigilantly heeded and complied with. To put policy into practice, we strive to integrate all reasonably practical measures into the planning, operation and maintenance of a safe system for work, and provide adequate safety training and equipment. A senior manager is assigned to co-ordinate the implementation, regular review and audit of the policy.

Our Safety Committee, formed by members from working level up to top management, reviews the policy and measures taking into account valuable first-hand feedback from frontline workers.

During the year, the health and safety systems applied at Jing An Kerry Centre, Kerry Parkside, Enterprise Square and Central Residence II in Shanghai, as well as Shenzhen Kerry Plaza under the management of Kerry Properties Development Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (“KPDMSL”) were accredited under the Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate OHSAS 18001:2007.

As regards physical health, during influenza pandemics the Group has sponsored vaccine injections for staff and their families, and alerted everyone on precautions for staying healthy. And during the heat of summer, our management teams at Hangzhou Kerry Centre, Jing An Kerry Centre and the residential properties in Hangzhou offered staff cooling drinks and ice-cream sandwiches.

Emotional health is equally important, and to help promote both the physical and mental well-being of employees, the Kerry Group of Companies has taken a proactive move to introduce the “Raindrop” programme. Its first initiative, “Raindrop Listens”, a 24-hour counselling hotline service, was launched in December 2016. Professional counsellors are on hand to listen to callers’ concerns and worries on personal matters, or family or work-related issues. The hotline is available to employees and their immediate families, and conversations are kept in strict confidence. Should the counsellors identify cases that need follow-up, face-to-face meetings are scheduled.

A Happy and Healthy Workplace

The Group has signed the “[email protected] Workplace Charter” and pledged to fulfil the obligations of a “Joyful Enterprise”. The charter emphasises healthy eating and physical activity in order to maintain mental well-being.

In this regard, the Group has devised a staff engagement plan in Hong Kong covering head office and property management staff. A series of activities has been rolled out to promote the general well-being of employees and to enhance staff morale and bonding. In Shanghai, staff engagement activities planned by Jing An Kerry Centre and Kerry Parkside were focused on employee health and fitness, festive celebrations, financial management and rewarding staff for good performance.

Additionally, KPMSL, our property management arm in Hong Kong, initiated and continues to manage a “We Care” programme for its teams at different properties. Through offering staff festive food and seasonal fruits, herbal tea and snacks from time to time, and through the hosting of health talks, massage sessions and sports games, the programme hopes to promote a healthy lifestyle among its team members. Staff are also invited to provide creative ideas on improving customer service and optimising work processes via an “i-Suggest” programme. Their creative and useful ideas are rewarded and shared with all staff through our internal publication, the Art of Service.

Green dining habits have now been incorporated into the Group’s charity drive with its CSR & Community Sub-committee preparing healthy salads for colleagues who in turn have been encouraged to donate for the good cause of Feeding Hong Kong.

Our various business units in the Mainland and Hong Kong regularly organise sports and health-related activities or exercises for staff. During the year these included dances, trail walks, talks on pain relief through massage of acupuncture points, on moxibustion and wellness tonics, stretching and fitness exercises, and badminton matches. Our football teams from KPMSL and MegaBox Management Services Limited (“MMSL”) have participated in tournaments organised by the property management industry and a well-known private league in Hong Kong.

Sending flowers to female colleagues on Women’s Day, celebrating birthdays with staff members, and giving them massage coupons also reflect the care of management for their teams.

Festivals are commonly celebrated the traditional way in the Mainland. At our many Mainland offices, activities such as strawberry picking, fabric flower and dumpling making, photography, solving lantern riddles, Christmas partying, floral display workshops and even a matchmaking event during the Valentine’s Day were hosted throughout the year.

Family Friendly

The “Raindrop” programme has extended its focus on staff to their children who wish to gain work and learning experience. An internship programme was designed and inaugurated during the summer of 2017. The interns were mentored by some of our management executives and attended a series of training workshops before getting a taste of what work-life balance means through bowling night and happy hour.

To help our working mothers continue breastfeeding after their maternity leave, we have set up a clean, private and secure nursing room at our head office in Hong Kong. On National Children’s Day, Kerry Parkside gave maternal and baby gifts to their working mothers, while the team in Shenzhen offered all working mothers and mothers of their staff flower bouquets and desserts.

Talent Development

New Staff Orientation

To facilitate the assimilation of new staff, induction programmes are in place in the Mainland and Hong Kong to provide them with an introduction to our core business and service pledge, and corporate policies as well as fundamental fire-safety knowledge.

Professional and Governance Training

Training in awareness of our Environmental Management System (“EMS”) continues to be mandatory for all employees, who are required to attend interactive workshops. Other ongoing seminar topics include recent trends and continuous enhancement of property management, anti-corruption and anti-discrimination. In the Mainland, training on the standard operating procedure, anti-terrorist attacks, first-aid and fire safety are provided for staff.

Leadership Development

The four-module “Effective Leadership Skills” programme continues to be organised in Hong Kong for newly promoted leaders in the property services team. The programme was designed to equip them with knowledge in leading their teams more effectively and efficiently, and boosting their confidence. These new leaders are being coached to motivate and empower, and to work effectively in a multi-generation environment.

During the year supervisory staff from Hangzhou and Shanghai took part in a workshop on how to encourage a good performance from their members, while identifying room for improvement. Managers from Hangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing also attended training sessions on leadership that gets results. In line with the Group’s focus on developing mixed-use landmarks, a “KEEP-IN” programme was designed to train future leaders in this arena. These training courses will help the Group nurture its next-generation leadership.

Training for Customer Service Enhancement

The “7Ups Development” programme continues to be in place. Comprising seven modules, our frontline customer service staff receive training in time management, team building, communication, problem solving, Jugaad innovation, and language proficiency.

An additional “Customer Experience Enhancement” training series has been developed to promote to property management teams the importance of the customer experience. Taking the opportunity of the handover of Mantin Heights and The Bloomsway in Hong Kong, and Lake Grandeur in Hangzhou, we also invited related staff to attend a series of handover-related training sessions running from July to November 2017. Our teams received training on aspects ranging from complaints handling to legal knowledge.

During the year employee skills training also included servicing skills and the handling of special incidents.

Through our “Make Work Fun” workshops, property management team members learned useful handicrafts and party tricks. The aim is to help staff in organising clubhouse activities for residents. Trainers are from the team and the programme therefore also provides a platform for staff to showcase their individual talents.

Employee Enhancement and Development

We encourage our staff to constantly seek personal enhancement, and therefore to enrol in a range of language, IT, presentation skills, staff relationship management, train-the-trainer, labour law, salesmanship for all, and courtesy and grooming programmes.

Team Building and Communication

In the Mainland and Hong Kong, buddies from different teams are recruited to help new hires adapt to the work environment. Training is now provided to them during the year to help them acquire the necessary techniques. We currently have 115 buddies in 84% of our properties in the Mainland and Hong Kong.

“i-Suggest” is an effective channel for collecting staff suggestions on how to enhance the service standards of our property management. To gain further insights into what our staff value most in the workplace and their perceptions of the work environment, an employee opinion survey was carried out in September 2017 by an independent research house. Meanwhile, our Art of Service publication shares updates on different property management teams and promotes the service culture.

As a learning organisation, we make knowledge readily accessible to all staff. Our property management operation in the Mainland, for example, uses “Kerry WeChat Academy” as a platform for sharing work knowledge, everyday experiences and other useful messages.

Team building is also achieved through a range of activities, ranging from outdoor training, staff day excursions, visits to other teams, travel for leisure and bonding, photography and other contests, to marathons and sports days.

Caring for the CommunityOur Policies